Stream ‘Trouble in Paradise,’ the Sophomore Album from La Roux

By Kevin Rutherford

The last time we left La Roux, the British singer had scored a breakthrough hit in the U.S., with “Bulletproof” hitting the top 10 in the country, all the while scoring three sizable hits in her homeland.

Now, the synthpopper is back again with her sophomore release, Trouble in Paradise, which is now available to stream ahead of its July 22 release on her website.

La Roux, now a one-piece made up of Elly Jackson following the departure of Ben Langmaid, who contributed songwriting, production and keyboards to the group, still features Langmaid’s flourishes throughout the album; he co-wrote six of Trouble in Paradise‘s nine songs. Jackson, meanwhile, c0-wrote every song but one: “The Feeling,” the album’s climax, which she wrote by herself.

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Prior to the album’s release, Jackson spoke with Billboard about her sophomore release. She had a very candid approach to music, one for which record labels might pine: a goal to create songs that can become radio singles.

“I like to think everything on the album could be a single. If not, then why the f— is it on there?” Jackson said. “Songs like ‘Uptight Downtown’ and ‘Silent Partner,’ there is an energy to them that I feel is extremely akin to who I am. I was very aware that however cheeky the arrangements became, however bouncy the groove became, that it should still be intrinsically me.”

“Upright Downtown” is the lead single off the album.

Click here to listen to Trouble in Paradise via La Roux’s website, clicking the colored buttons at the top of the page.


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