Kenny Chesney Reveals Album Artwork for ‘The Big Revival’

By Annie Reuter

It isn’t summer for country fans without a dose of Kenny Chesney.

While the singer took a break for his annual summer tour, he is more than making up for it with the announcement cycle for his new single and album  — including today’s artwork revelation.

Today, (July 14) Chesney revealed the cover art to his forthcoming album The Big Revival via Twitter after premiering it on Billboard, and it looks very familiar. The album image is the colorful painted school bus showcased in his music video for “American Kids.”

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“I wanted an album cover that was surprising… Not what people expect, but that also suggests anything is possible,” Chesney told Billboard. “That no matter where you are in your life, how tired or lost or demoralized, with a little faith and a little help, anything is possible… Because it’s all within you! Or me.”

He added: “That was the thing about that bus. It was so far beyond coloring outside the lines, yet what is more common than a school bus? We’ve all seen them, no matter how old we are, our entire lives… and yet, when you look at that bus after we were done painting it, it was a whole new notion!”

Chesney will release The Big Revival on Sept. 23, including collaborations with Alison Krauss, Grace Potter and more. Chesney said, just like his album artwork, the album is “not what you expect.”

“American Kids,” the lead single, has hit No. 2 on Billboard‘s Country Songs chart, his top peak since 2012’s “Come Over.”


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