Miranda Lambert Talks Marilyn Monroe, Going Platinum in Style Files

By Courtney E. Smith

You know she named her latest album Platinum, but did you have any idea how fully Miranda Lambert is embracing the platinum lifestyle? When the country star came in to talk with us she was sporting platinum jewelry around her neck, wrists and fingers — and an even lighter shade of platinum blonde hair.

“Everything that was silver is now platinum,” Lambert said. “We don’t even speak the word silver anymore in our team.”

Her affinity for Marilyn Monroe, the style icon to blondes everywhere, shines through on her record as well. The actress gets name checked in the first two songs.

“Who wouldn’t want to look like Marilyn Monroe?” Lambert asked, laughing. “With the album being [called] Platinum I got lighter in my hair because I wanted to pay homage to the title of the record.”

She told us about her relationship with another style icon as well, her friend and collaborator Loretta Lynn.

“[Lynn] had all these gowns hanging, they were all different colors. Just beautiful ball gowns,” Lambert said, recalling a trip to Lynn’s home to shoot a music video. “I was thinking, ‘Oh my gosh, I don’t have anything cool like that to have when I’m her age, to just throw on.’ I need to get a thing that I’ll have…I’ll just start wearing derby hats.”

She’s got quite a collection going from her years of attending the Kentucky Derby, but they are nothing compared to her collection of jeans and t-shirts. Lambert showed up in a t-shirt that said, “Good Hearted Woman,” an homage to the classic country track by Waylon Jennings.

“I love the rough-around-the-edges feel, in music and in clothes,” Lambert said.


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