Listen to Future & Nicki Minaj Recall George Michael on ‘Rock Star’

By Kevin Rutherford

A collaboration between Future and Nicki Minaj originally didn’t see the light of day because of a sample that didn’t get cleared prior to the release of this year’s Honest.

But now, that duet is hitting the Internet after all.

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Released today, “Rock Star,” a new tune from the hip-hop megastars, is a version finally cleared by the camp of George Michael. Why? Because the song quite prominently borrows from Michael’s 1984 hit “Careless Whisper.”

Most notably, “Rock Star” uses the classic melody laid down by the saxophone in the song, though the instrument is not found on the final version of Future and Minaj’s piece. Instead, an electric guitar follows the sax part, as does Future’s crooned chorus.

Minaj jumps in after Future’s first verse. “Special Olympics / I’mma go dumb on it,” she rhymes in one of the less savory bars, ending each line with the words “on it” at first.

The song has been teased for a few months now; back in March, MTV reported that the Michael connection had kept the song off the album, but Future wanted the song’s creators to leak it anyway — something that apparently couldn’t wait until July.

Future’s Honest hit stores in April, opening at No. 2 on the Billboard 200 upon its release.


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