Watch: Kip Moore Hopes Heaven Has a ‘Dirt Road’ in New Video

By Annie Reuter

Kip Moore released the video behind his fiery new track “Dirt Road” today (June 8), and it’s full of flashbacks.

At the start of the new clip, the singer is shown sitting by himself in a church pew as he flashes back to his childhood.

As the congregation breaks into song with “Amazing Grace,” a young Moore is portrayed listening to an equally fiery pastor as he preaches about heaven and damnation.

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In an interview with during the ACM Awards, he elaborated on the theme behind the song.

“I grew up in a small Southern Baptist town, and the song is speaking of what that’s like as a young kid and young teenager,” he told about “Dirt Road.” “[Being] 12, 13 years old [and] trying to understand hellfire, damnation every single Sunday morning. Trying to process that is a tough thing, so that’s where that song originated from, and I think there’s going to be a lot of people who are going to connect with the song.”

Watch the video for “Dirt Road” on CMT.


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