Brett Eldredge Wants to Sing ‘Mean to Me’ to His Future Soulmate

By Annie Reuter

Brett Eldredge is hoping to win over his future soulmate with his new single, “Mean To Me.” Today (June 25), the country singer announced that the fan favorite track will hit radio in the coming weeks.

“‘Mean To Me’ is very much a one-on-one love, romantic song that’s telling somebody else how much they mean to you,” he told last year during his album release week. “I wanted to write a song telling someone, ‘If I could mean half as much as these things, half as much as you mean to me, then that would be amazing.'”

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In the song, Eldredge describes the most beautiful parts of life.

“If I could be the fire in your firefly…If I could be the name that changes yours…If I could be the faith that sets you free, the answer to your prayers,” he sings on the track, which he wrote with Scooter Carusoe. Listen below.


“I was just fiddling around on the guitar and we just started pouring them out [the lyrics] in these real descriptive ways. It’s a real special song that hopefully I can sing to my future soulmate one day,” Eldredge added.

Eldredge said “Mean To Me” shows his more sentimental love side and that the reaction he has been receiving at concerts is one reason the song was chosen as his next single.

“I started playing ‘Mean To Me’ out at shows and girls just go crazy for it. I literally had somebody get engaged at one of my shows to that song,” he said. “People started saying, ‘I walked down the aisle to that song,’ ‘That’s my girlfriend and I’s first dance.’ It’s cool to hear that. That song has really struck a chord with folks out there. I hope I can sing that one for a long, long time.”


“Don’t Ya” and “Beat Of the Music,” Eldredge’s past two singles off his debut album Bring You Back have gone to No. 1.


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