Bill and Hillary Clinton Musical Coming to New York City

By Shannon Carlin

It’s still unclear whether Hillary Clinton will be headed to the White House in 2016, but we do know she’ll be headed to New York City this summer, thanks to a new musical.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the new musical, Clinton, which is making its first run in American after debuting in Scotland in 2012 , takes a look at Bill Clinton and Hillary’s quest to “save their presidency, change America and prove that ‘politics is show business for ugly people.'”

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The two-hour show, which was directed by Adam Arian and written by Paul Hodge, with music and lyrics by his brother Michael Hodge, will feature two Bill Clintons (yes, two) along with appearances from Eleanor Roosevelt, Newt Gingrich, Kenneth Starr and Monica Lewinsky.

The musical is set to open for a week of performances kicking off on July 18 as part of the New York Musical Theatre Festival.

In the meantime, Katy Perry has offered to write a campaign song, but Hillary seems a bit disinterested, letting the singer know, “You already did! Keep letting us hear you Roar.”


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