Watch 50 Cent’s Simple, Radiant Video for ‘You Know’

By Courtney E. Smith

50 Cent is sticking with a theme for the videos from his new album  Animal Ambition: cars and puffy jackets. We saw them both in “Chase the Paper” and “Every Time I Come Around.” They come around again for “You Know,” but the difference between this latest video and the previous two is just a pop of color.

From the first shots, the video is saturated in colors that are amped up from their normal temperatures. In quick succession we go from cool blue to green to a hot yellow screen. It’s a bit of a jolt when we see a lady in a bright blue hat positioned into the yellow screen on top of the yellow car — it almost takes the brain a moment to process because it’s unexpected and out of place, color-wise. For a video where pretty much nothing happens, it’s something to grab on to.

Check the full spectrum 50’s video below:


50’s new album Animal Ambition is out now.


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