Stream RiFF RAFF’s New Album ‘Neon iCON’

By Annie Reuter

RiFF RAFF‘s new album Neon iCON doesn’t drop until next week but he’s giving fans an early listen today (June 20).

The album, which includes features by Childish Gambino, Mike PosnerMac Miller, Houston rap luminaries Slim Thug and Paul Wall, along with production from DJ Mustard, Harry Fraud and Diplo, is available for full stream on Soundcloud.

While there is no collaboration with Katy Perry, like previously reported, RiFF RAFF manages to keep things interesting as only he can do. He kicks of the album with the track “Introducing the Icon” where he raps, “B—ch I can sing a hook like Alicia Keys.” And he’s not kidding.

Meanwhile, in “Kokayne,” which was produced by Diplo, he manages to name drop Dolly Parton and AMP Radio’s Carson Daly in one breath.

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In an interview with earlier this year, RiFF RAFF explained that the color scheme for his forthcoming release Neon iCON is Aqua-Berry; everything from his hair to his diamond-encrusted watch will embody the Aqua-Berry theme.

For his next album, tentatively titled Peach Panther, which he said will drop in June of 2015, it’s going to be, “Peach diamonds. They ain’t even come out yet.”

Listen to Neon iCON below. The album will be released June 26 via Mad Decent.


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