Robin Thicke Reveals ‘Paula’ Track List, Album Artwork

By Annie Reuter

It’s no secret that Robin Thicke is naming his forthcoming album after his estranged wife, Paula. The followup to his 2013 smash Blurred Lines, Paula will be released on July 1.

Today (June 19), Thicke revealed the track listing and album artwork for Paula.

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Thicke is clearly doing everything in his power to win his wife back. Song titles include “Get Her Back,” “You’re My Fantasy,” “Still Madly Crazy,” “Love Can Grow Back” and “Too Little Too Late.”

The couple separated earlier this year and Thicke has openly blamed himself as the cause of separation.

Last year, Thicke spoke with and gave us sex and relationship advice, saying that he just can’t quit his wife.

“The one motto that has gotten me through my whole life is never give up,” he said. “I’m that way with love. Let’s give it every last drop of effort we have before we say goodbye.”

Paula Track List:

01. “You’re My Fantasy”
02. “Get Her Back”
03. “Still Madly Crazy”
04. “Lock the Door”
05. “Whatever I Want”
06. “Living in New York City”
07. “Love Can Grow Back”
08. “Black Tar Cloud”
09. “Too Little Too Late”
10. “Tippy Toes”
11. “Something Bad”
12. “The Opposite of Me”
13. “Time of Your Life”
14. “Forever Love”


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