Lil Wayne Says He Could Release 2 Albums in 2014, 7 in 2015

By Courtney E. Smith

On #WeezyWednesday, Lil Wayne dropped an info bomb: he’s got 93 songs in the can and could release two albums this year alone.

In a video shot in his living room, Weezy detailed his plans for the music.

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“I went to work on Tha Carter V and I just never — y’all know, I don’t stop working,” he said. “So it was like either Tha Carter V is going to be 93 songs or we’re going to have to figure this out.

“So what we said was alright we’re going to drop two albums this year and then we’re probably going to end up dropping seven next year.”

The long and short of it: look for a lot of Lil Wayne in the remaining five months of 2014, and even more in 2015.

The rapper will probably debut a portion of those 93 songs on his upcoming tour with Drake, which kicks off this August in Darien Center, N.Y.


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