Bruce Springsteen Teases Some Sort of Upcoming Release

What is it? According to an interview last month, it could have something to do with the band's catalog of concert recordings.

By Brian Ives 

Bruce Springsteen has historically announced new projects the traditional way, with press releases (usually followed by a few interviews with his longtime manager Jon Landau).

But it seems that that is changing; at midnight on Nov. 25 of last year he announced his latest LPHigh Hopes, via his Facebook and Twitter accounts. In February of this year, he dropped remastered versions of ten of his albums on iTunes with no fanfare or announcement at all.

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Yesterday (June 18), it got even more ambiguous, with Springsteen’s official website’s news section featuring a post simply titled “Coming Soon.” It was accompanied by an image of a silhouette with an ax chopping through weeds and brush.

What is means is, so far, anyone’s guess.



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But the man himself may have given a clue in a radio interview that he did on May 18 in Connecticut  before the last show on his recent tour.

When discussing upcoming plans, he alluded to going into the vault to possibly release or rerelease some of his older material. “Our next step will be to go back in history and dig out classic shows, get them remixed and be able to make those available to our fans,” he said (via Backstreets).

“We’ve got a lot of projects of all different kinds coming up,” he added. “We have a beautiful video of ‘Hunter of Invisible Game’ [from High Hopes] that I’m currently working on that hopefully we’ll have very soon; I think [director] Thom Zimny’s outdone himself on it. So it’s all coming to… a lovely break; I won’t say ‘close.'”

Springsteen’s last album,  High Hopes, hit stores last January.


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