Jana Kramer’s New Video Is a ‘Love’ Letter to Honduras

By Radio.com Staff

“Love” is not only the title of Jana Kramer’s latest single, it’s the operative word at the heart and soul of her new music video.

Kramer released “Love,” the first single from her upcoming second album, earlier this year. The lyrics in the song tell of the pain and heartbreak that sometimes comes alongside experiences of love, though the tone and message are ultimately hopeful. “How many times can a heart break?” and “How much weight can a soul take?” Kramer asks in the song, before singing that “love, love, love, I still believe in you.”

Kramer shot the “Love” video in the small, rural villages of El Progreso and Monte De Olivos, Honduras. It was directed by Ryan Lassan, and it stars a group of adorable local kids who dance, smile, play and sing along.

The video shoot was also aligned with a Hearts 2 Honduras, a religious group that does charity work in the Central American country. The group has been focused in recent years on building homes for families in El Progreso and Olivos.

“Meeting the amazing children in the Olivos village and experiencing their culture was a life changing experience for me,” said Kramer. “They really understand what love means. I was moved to tears many times during the shoot. It was such a beautiful day, filled with love, that I will never forget.”

For Kramer, helping others is one of the reasons she has said she got into country music in the first place.

“Country music for me — why I wanted to sing it — was because it helped me in so many different ways,” Kramer told Radio.com. “If I was feeling sad I’d listen to the really sad songs to help me get out of it or the really happy, energetic songs when I want to have fun. It helped me and that’s why I wanted to give back. [To] help other people through my songs the way that it helped me.”


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