Listen to The Game Diss Rap’s ‘New Generation,’ Frank Ocean on ‘Bigger Than Me’

By Kevin Rutherford

There’s a lot of name-dropping going on in The Game‘s new song — and some of it is less than flattering.

For his new song “Bigger Than Me,” the rapper goes in on fellow artists who, he feels, need to be knocked down a peg or two because all in all, they’re not more popular or influential in hip-hop than he is.

“Bigger Than Me” pulls in one’s attention with the sound of a chainsaw cutting through the silence — he’s cutting these rappers down a size or two, one might say — before running down the list of artists who are on another level compared to the artists against whom he’s rhyming.

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“These n—as ain’t bigger than me / These n—as ain’t Nas, they ain’t Jigga to me / These n—as ain’t Em, they ain’t 50 to me,” he raps, questioning the next generation of rap and how they compare to the greats. “N—as talkin’ that s—t ’bout the new generation / Man, f— these n—as, I’ll slash your f—ing faces.” Presumably with a chainsaw.

Along the way, he spits fire at XXL‘s Freshmen cover, calling the rappers in question “a whole bunch of soft-ass n—as.”

He even takes a swing at Frank Ocean by referencing his sexuality: “Hey, Frank Ocean / Go ahead and f— these f— n—as.”

The Game is currently prepping Blood Money La Familia, which will be his sixth studio album. It’s currently scheduled for a mid-September release.


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