Justin Bieber Avoids Felony Charge in Alleged Cellphone Theft

By Shannon Carlin

In a long list of criminal charges plaguing Justin Bieber, cell phone robbery won’t be one of them.

According to CBS Los Angeles, the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office will not be filing a felony case against Bieber for allegedly stealing a woman’s cellphone after she took pictures of him at a mini golf corse in Sherman Oaks, Calif.

After the incident last month, the woman said that Bieber and his crew “got into an altercation with some guys” at a batting cage in Sherman Oaks. She then said Bieber saw her reaching for her cell phone and demanded she hand it over so he could delete any photos she may have taken. When she refused, she said Bieber reached into her purse and took it.

When the pop star discovered that there were no images, the woman says he began screaming at her and her daughter.

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In a document filed by the L.A. Country D.A., a prosecutor wrote that the incident  “does not warrant felony prosecution.” Nine employees at the golf course were interviewed and said that “no one who saw the encounter described any kind of physical altercation or tug-of-war involving the woman over the cell phone.”

But Bieber’s not out of the water just yet; he could face possible misdemeanor prosecution in connection to the incident.

In addition, county prosecutors have not yet decided whether to file a case against Bieber in another case. He was accused of egging a Calabasas neighbor’s home in January. The matter is still under review, according to Jane Robison of the D.A’s Office.

If they do decide to press charges, here’s hoping they spell Bieber’s last name right.


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