Watch Kelly Rowland’s World Cup Music Video, ‘The Game’

By Kevin Rutherford

Psyched for the World Cup? Kelly Rowland is, and she has a new music video to prove it.

As part of Pepsi’s Beats of the Beautiful Game album, Rowland recorded “The Game,” a song that tackles the game of soccer, the FIFA World Cup and its ability to unite people and nations in nationalistic fervor.

A video is out for the tune just in time for the first match of the World Cup between Brazil and Croatia later today (June 12), and as expected, it takes the soccer theme and runs — or, perhaps, dribbles — with it.

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The Spike Lee-directed video follows Pixote, a young Brazilian boy who’s a big soccer fan and player.

“Yes we can, yes we can,” Rowland repeats over feverish drumming and whistles as she’s joined by a group of voices shouting the song’s namesake on the chorus. Meanwhile, Pixote continues to kick a soccer ball all across the city, bouncing it down every staircase imaginable  before his ball is stolen.

Eventually, he makes his way by bus to the World Cup stadium, sneaking in and scoring a goal on the biggest turf he may ever play on, Rowland’s refrain of “I have a dream” repeating in the background.

The FIFA World Cup kicks off today in Brazil, with Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull performing as part of its opening ceremony.

Pepsi’s Beats of the Beautiful Game album is out now and also features Janelle Monae covering David Bowie’s “Heroes,” a performance she conducted on last night’s episode of Letterman.


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