Watch Drake Get ‘Sound Advice’ About Dating from ‘Saturday Night Live”s Vanessa Bayer

By Shannon Carlin

Saturday Night Live featured player, Vanessa Bayer isn’t just a funny lady, she’s also an all around good advice giver. As the host of the web series Sound Advice on Above Average, she offers up some help to those needing it most. This week she’s imparting words of wisdom to Drake.

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Bayer offers up a few catchphrase ideas like “It’s Drake Time.” He gives it a try, but it just doesn’t stick.

She also gives a little dating advice for the Jewish rapper, “Join J-Date!” And mocks him for making mixtapes, “Hello, it’s 1994, they want their technology back!”


Most importantly, Bayer wonders how she can get herself in the OVO crew. Drake’s sound advice, “It takes a bit more than a bag of Ruffles and some dip to get into my life.” Now we know.

On his recent track, “0 to 100/The Catch Up,” Drake teased that his follow-up to last year’s Nothing Was The Same would be out in 2015. Already this year, Drake’s dropped two tracks: “Draft Day” and “Days In The East.”

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But before he drops his fourth album, Drake is set to host the ESPY Awards on July 16. We imagine he’ll be bringing his own lint roller for the occasion. The following month on August 3, he’ll headline his 5th annual OVO Festival alongside Outkast.

As for Vanessa Bayer, she’ll continue to help bands make better decisions. This season on Sound Advice she’ll help out TV on the Radio, Haim and Tegan and Sara.




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