Style Files: How Carla Bruni Creates Her On-Stage Look

By Courtney E. Smith

Carla Bruni is known for many things. She’s been a model, she’s been the first lady of France and currently she is a folk musician. Bruni juggles all these hats with the aplomb of a woman comfortable in her own skin, but when pulled back the red velvet curtains on Bruni’s on-stage look, one of the world’s most beautiful women revealed something shocking: she is always, always scared out of her skin when she takes the stage.

Bruni told us she combats the fear by wearing comfortable, but never slouchy clothing. She favors a leather pant and velvet blazer for her performances, with a form-fitting black t-shirt under.


Bruni knows she’s tapping into a rock tradition with her choice of materials. Her slinky silhouette has been popular since the 1960s when Mick Jagger wore a custom-made Yves Saint Laurent velvet blazer and Jimi Hendrix made a wardrobe of differently colored velvet suits, mixed and matched with leather pants and accessories.

As for her after-show rituals, she engages in something very French-Italian: a beer and a cigarette to relax. As vices go, it’s a comparatively tame choice.

Bruni’s album, Little French Songs, is out now.


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