Puff Daddy Sits on the Iron Throne from ‘Game of Thrones’ in ‘I Want the Love’ Video

By Kevin Rutherford

If you don’t already have enough Game of Thrones or GoT-related content coming at you daily, consider a new video from Puff Daddy and Meek Mill to keep you satisfied.

The rapper of many names (he’s currently back to his old moniker) released a new song, “I Want the Love,” late last night, and now the corresponding video has seen the light of day as well.

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Though it may not directly reference the HBO fantasy series, there’s some definite nods to Game of Thrones here — especially the fact that Puff literally gets a copy of one of the show’s spiky quintessential thrones and plops down in it while surrounded by the snowy wilderness.

That’s not to say the clip is set back a few hundred years; the rappers didn’t forego modern technology in their trip to the tundra, bringing along snowmobiles. Transport is also provided occasionally in the form of dog-pulled sleds.

Lyrically, the duo is rapping about avoiding the toils and troubles of life — they don’t want your problems, they just want your love. “Back when Michael Jackson was moonwalking / I’m still cutting them checks,” Puff raps over dense production and the occasional choral vocal for good measure.

“I Want the Love” is likely from the rapper’s new album MMM, which is supposed to be released in 2014 but does not yet have a definitive release date.


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