Pivotal Plot Twist in ‘Game of Thrones’ Gets New Soundtrack Via Bon Jovi Song

By Kevin Rutherford

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

People die in Game of Thrones. A lot. And generally, their deaths are treated with the utmost respect, perhaps by a sweeping orchestral movement or even no sound at all.

But sometimes the Internet has other ideas.

In the most recent episode of the HBO series, yet another one of the show’s characters was killed off, an arrow through the heart the defining kill shot. Spoilers below if you haven’t seen the show or aren’t caught up yet.

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In the scene from “The Watchers on the Wall,” Jon Snow’s former lover Ygritte corners him, ready to strike him down dead. However, she can’t bring herself to shoot her arrow — and unfortunately for her, Night’s Watch protege Olly had no reservations, landing a finishing blow via an arrow through her chest.

But instead of leaving it at that, YouTube user Da Italian Fish adds some very literal musical backing in the form of Bon Jovi‘s “You Give Love a Bad Name” at the very instance the shot takes place — namely the “shot through the heart / and you’re to blame” line.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A4oQzTGTc_g]

The video has gone viral since its uploading on YouTube Sunday night (June 8), with 313,000 views as of Tuesday afternoon.

Game of Thrones is currently finishing up its fourth season; the season finale airs this Sunday (June 15).


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