Listen: Deadmau5 Reveals New 9-Minute Epic, ‘Phantoms Can’t Hang’

By Scott T. Sterling

With his legions of devoted fans counting the days until the June 17 release of of Deadmau5‘s new album, while (1<2), the Canadian producer has revealed a new track to keep them sated in the meantime.

“Phantoms Can’t Hang” is an epic nine-minute song from the forthcoming double album, featuring percolating percussion, ghostly female vocals and a stark, cinematic feel spread out over the track’s extended run time.

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This latest tune is the fourth to be released in advance of the new album, following “Avaritia,” “Seeya,” and “Infra Turbo Pigcart Racer.” Fans who pre-order while (1<2) on iTunes will receive all four tracks immediately to download while waiting for the rest to arrive on release day.

“It’s a good mix of sh-t I want to do versus sh-t people want to hear or what they would expect,” Deadmau5 said of the album late last month when he revealed its tracklist of 25 songs. “It’s a good balance… It was when I was working on some live stuff, set lists for shows and stuff like that, and it just must have been a couple of tracks that sounded pretty good stitched together end to start and I thought, ‘Well, if I ever do an album or compile this into some kind of album this has got to be that part of the order for that.’ And I just kind of took everything and played musical Tetris with it.”


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