Chief Keef Evicted from Chicago Home: Report

By Kevin Rutherford

A video posted by the Chicago Tribune finds Chief Keef moving out of his home in Highland Park, the landlord from whom he was renting saying that it was merely due to the fact that he was selling the property, and that Keef and his friends were good tenants.

However, the Tribune reports that Chicago police told the paper that the rapper wasn’t just moving out — he was getting evicted.

According to the Tribune, court documents for possible eviction had been in the works since February, with Keef (real name Keith Cozart) behind by around $30,000 in rent payments. An agreement had been made April 20 to pay the full amount, according to court documents, but by May 7, a forcible entry order was filed.

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The clip includes footage of boxes and other possessions being hauled into a moving truck while Bal K. Bansal, who owned the house, stood firm in saying that Chief Keef had not been evicted, despite reporters’ questions to the contrary.

“He was very good company,” Bansal said, noting that his neighbors enjoyed having the rapper in the neighborhood.

However, one of said neighbors interviewed for the video sang a different tune.

“We just want them to leave as quickly as possible,” Ken Cooper said. “Hopefully we get a very nice tenant in.”

Cooper claimed that the cops were having to show up to the Highland Park resident multiple times a week and that a gunshot had been heard on the premises before in addition to “fights that went on, too; we had to call the police.”



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