Watch Psy & Snoop Dogg Cause Chaos in ‘Hangover’ Video

By Kevin Rutherford

The concept of a hangover that entails little to no memory of the night before is a tried and occasionally true concept, something that helped make first Hangover film (and to an extent its sequels) such smash hits.

That’s sort of the direction in which Psy heads for his new video “Hangover.” The track, featuring Snoop Dogg, chronicles a day one might not recall, beginning with waking up from the night before with — you guessed it — a hangover.

As he’s shown with past hits “Gangnam Style” and “Gentleman,” Psy tends to throw out strange, goofy imagery with reckless abandon, and “Hangover” continues the trend, from marathon toothbrushing sessions at breakneck speed to more wavy arm dances than are honestly probably necessary.

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The night quickly devolves once more, featuring alcohol-fueled dinners, karaoke and an ill-fated billiards session. Snoop plays the buddy role well: “Don’t quite, take flight / I can’t remember last night / It’s aight, just the life of a superstar.” He matches Psy drink for alcoholic drink, fueling their eventual run into the morning as they depart into the streets, crowds fighting, people ablaze and cars crashing behind them.

Musically, the tune attempts to expand on the current saxophone craze sweeping pop; however, where Jason Derulo’s “Talk Dirty” could get mildly irritating but mostly funky, “Hangover”‘s sax line is only here to twist you.

“Hangover” is the newest single from the K-pop royalty, following over a year after “Gentleman.” That said, his output is expected to be a bit more potent in 2014; at the end of the new video, he teases a new single, “Daddy,” out this summer.

Earlier this month, his “Gangnam Style” video became the first music video in YouTube history to cross 2 billion views.


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