Watch ‘Baby Got Back’ Get a Symphony Orchestra Update, Incite an Onstage Dance Party

By Anam Baig

Women went wild Saturday night (June 7) when the Seattle Symphony Orchestra kicked it old school with Sir Mix-A-Lot, performing the GRAMMY-winning 1992 hit “Baby Got Back” with strings, horns — and, yes, a jackdaw.

During this “orchestral movements from the hood” night, as the rapper dubbed it, women from the audience were invited to come up on stage to shake their stuff — and shake they did, despite wearing elegant gowns and dresses.

One woman even took center stage with Mix-A-Lot, twerking with everything she got.

French conductor and music director of the Seattle Symphony Ludovic Morlot led the orchestra with as much gusto for the ’90s hit as he would for Beethoven’s 5th. The composition was done by Gabriel Prokofiev, whose orchestral piece “Dial 1-900 Mix-A Lot” was performed earlier that night as homage to Sir Mix-A-Lot’s rapping style and a nod to the evolving state of pop music.

According to Rolling Stone, the performance was part of the symphony’s Sonic Evolution series, which features newer orchestral work that’s inspired by icons from Seattle’s music scene — in this case the rapper born Anthony Ray, 50, who’s from the city.

Mix-a-Lot himself has been relatively dormant over the past decade; he last released an album, Daddy’s Home, in 2003. A potential new album has been teased since 2010.


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