Watch Tyler, the Creator & Odd Future Parody Gangsta Rap in New Loiter Squad Video

By Kevin Rutherford

On Loiter Squad, Tyler, the Creator and the rest of the Odd Future gang poke fun at just about anything you can imagine, so it makes many licks of sense that the collective would have no problem parodying hip-hop subgenres.

In a new video released today (June 6), the crew lampoons gangsta rap in both imagery and audio with “I Just Bought a Bugatti (I’m Happy).”

Appearing as alter ego Young N—a, Tyler introduces the video less-than-eloquently; when asked “What’s new on the streets?” he responds with a meandering introduction to the clip while singing the praises of the just-signed IceJJFish, who sings the hook.

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First things first: there are a lot of guns in the video, replete with its share of gunshot sound effects. Along the way, Tyler holds up a smartphone as he lays down the vocal in the studio, leading one to wonder if he’s reading the lyrics because he doesn’t have them memorized or if he’s just that disinterested in the tune.

“I spent a lot of money / I’m happy,” he raps on the chorus, giving into the allure of just throwing dollars (or bitcoin!) at a wall because, hey, he has a lot of it, who cares? IceJJFish joins the fray shortly after to deliver an out-of-tune vocal that the ladies in the studio appear to love regardless.

One member of the crew’s mind is so blown by the end of the song that he goes on a expletive-filled rant about how great they are — “We uprooting your carpet, putting hardwood floors in. It’s over.”

Loiter Squad airs new episodes at midnight on Adult Swim. Occasionally it’ll feature some hip-hop, even though Tyler, the Creator recently told Larry King that merely being a rapper is “not interesting” to him anymore.


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