Snippet of Kanye West’s ‘Black Bruce Wayne’ Leaked, Sold and Posted

By Courtney E. Smith

It’s unknown if it’s new or old, but 32 seconds of a previously unreleased Kanye West track deemed “Black Bruce Wanye” has leaked.

A discussion explaining the leak has turned up on the forums section of the fan site Kanye To The, in which a narrative emerged where one forum member got hold of “Black Bruce Wayne” and sold it to another.

As the thread goes, the leaker agreed to sell the full song for a mere $500, but got cold feet and released only 30 seconds. The buyer promptly posted it.

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The track features approximately 21 seconds of music, followed by 11 seconds of West rapping.

There’s speculation among West’sĀ fans on the forum that the track also features guest vocals from 2 Chainz and a second unknown artist.

However, it’s unknown whether “Black Bruce Wayne” comes from West’s upcoming new album or if it’s actually an older song that’s just now seeing the light of day.

West will take the stage at two upcoming festivals: the X Games Festival in Austin following the X Games on June 7 and Bonnaroo on June 13.


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