Dolly Parton is Herself and Nothing More in ‘Home’ Video: Watch

By Courtney E. Smith

There’s a poem written by Jenny Joseph that everyone’s heard that starts out, “When I am an old woman I shall wear purple,” that goes on to say how she will spend her pension on “brandy and summer gloves,” “pick flowers in other people’s gardens” and learn to spit.

In “Home,” Dolly Parton is at maximum Dolly Parton — and figuratively wearing purple.

The larger-than-life character gives us a portrait of herself with this music video, almost literally.

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We start with Parton at her dressing table, getting ready and picking one from a slew of sparkly gowns to wear. And then we spend the rest of the video with Parton on a photo shoot while she lip synchs her life story to us. It’s simple, as is the persona Parton has always portrayed, and impossibly charming.

“Home” is the debut single from Parton’s latest album Blue Smoke. It has been very successful thus far, giving Parton her highest chart debut to date and landing her appearances on the Today show, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and a QVC special.


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