Listen To Kanye West’s New Song ‘God Level’

By Jeremy D. Larson

While Kanye West is reading his nuptials in Paris or Italy or wherever this weekend, most of us are stuck here not seeing Lana Del Rey sing three songs for reportedly six figures or experiencing  unimaginable lavishness that’s no doubt blowing minds (“What’s that napkin, Margiela?”)

But for anyone more concerned with Kanye’s tunes than his célébrité, here’s “God Level,” a previously unreleased track produced by “Blood On The Leaves” collaborator Hudson Mohawke, 88-Keys, Mike Dean, Noah Goldstein, and West himself. It’s featured in a new Adidas FIFA World Cup commercial called “The Dream” which you can watch below.

You can also stream the full song here.

It also features a choice New Dad Flow line, “You see sharks in the water/ Then they try to do nothin’ but put c–ks in your daughter.” 


No word, of course, on whether or not this song will be on Kanye’s upcoming album. Few details are available about the as-yet untitled followup to Yeezus, other than some sources telling Billboard that it’s “mostly a mixture of soul samples and tamed ‘Yeezus’-esque darkness… nothing abrasive.” 

Does the line “sharks putting c–ks in your daughter” qualify “nothing abrasive”? Your mileage may vary.


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