Porter Robinson Blasts the Chainsmokers for ‘American Idol’ Appearance

By Scott T. Sterling

It’s getting beefy in the world of dance music.

Rapidly rising electronic music star Porter Robinson has taken a swing at breakout EDM act The Chainsmokers in response to a series of tweets send out by the “#Selfie” duo.

The Chainsmokers sent out a string of status updates that seemed to address claims from dance music fans that the band has “sold out” after signing a major label deal with Sony Records.

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For more than a dozen tweets, The Chainsmokers addressed the situation, wrapping up with the assertion that the messages weren’t about the band, but that “there is always this black swan vibe that descends upon dance music producers that finds success.”

After tweeting that “I’m trying so hard not to respond to these tweets but I honestly just f—ing have to,” Porter Robinson let his feelings be clearly known.

“If you only care about ‘making it,'” Robinson continued, “if you take every s—ty commercial opportunity, this is what you end up doing,” offering up a link of The Chainsmokers performing “#Selfie” on American Idol.

Dance music act Knife Party has also weighed in on The Chainsmokers’ American Idol appearance, tweeting that “this is what happens if you don’t say ‘no’ to your management” in regards to the TV performance. British EDM artist Mat Zo also had some thoughts about the appearance.

At press time, The Chainsmokers have yet to respond to to any of the negative tweets, but this is surely not the last the world has heard regarding this brewing beef between the EDM acts.

Robinson, who is preparing to release his debut album, Worlds, on August 12, recently revealed tour dates in support of the upcoming full-length.


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