Watch ‘Careless Whisper’ Soundtrack Baseball Player Josh Reddick’s Walk to Home Plate

By Scott T. Sterling

It’s been a great season so far for killer Major League Baseball walk-up music.

First, we had Pittsburgh Pirates catcher Tony Sanchez¬†using Idina Menzel’s “Let It Go” from the movie Frozen as the song that plays while he strolls to home plate to bat.

Now, Oakland A’s right-fielder Josh Reddick is getting in on the fun, pulling out George Michael‘s sax-saturated 1984 smash hit, “Careless Whisper,” as his new walk-up tune.

This video from Major League Baseball shows Reddick taking his walk to the song’s sultry tones in a recent game against the Chicago White Sox, with his teammates grooving to the song’s instantly recognizable intro from the dugout. The video shows a second walk-up as well, during which multiple fans are seen dancing to the tune as well. Their guilty feet have a small amount of rhythm.

The song was released in the U.S. and Canada as a track from Michael’s original group, Wham!, but is credited as his first solo single.

The song inspires him to connect with a solid single into the outfield, so there’s that.


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