Travis Tritt Drops Touching New Single, ‘That’s What Dreamers Do’

By Annie Reuter

Travis Tritt is a dreamer — and his new single explains just this.

Tritt wrote “That’s What Dreamers Do” for the independent biopic film, As Dreamers Do, which is based on the early life of Walt Disney and narrated by Tritt.

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With a full string arrangement, Tritt sings of the struggles he’s had throughout his life on the soaring ballad “That’s What Dreamers Do.” Fans can purchase the song via iTunes and his website.

In an interview last year with, Tritt opened up about his dream to start his own record label.

“Things have changed so much in the marketing world that you can actually take the music directly to your audience without having to go through middle men,” he reflected. “It’s really thrilling for me to see how much things have changed just in the last six years since we released the project prior to that.”

Tritt released his latest album The Calm After… last July on his own label.


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