Listen: T-Pain Finds a Lady He Can Drink With in ‘Drankin Patna’

By Kevin Rutherford

T-Pain has no shortage of drinking anthems in his repertoire; “Bartender” and “Buy U a Drank” have seen to that. But that doesn’t mean the singer/rapper doesn’t have more up his sleeve.

Enter “Drankin Patna,” T-Pain’s newest tune, released today (May 13). Masked in his familiar Auto-Tune, he gives listeners another taste of what to expect from his upcoming album with a little ditty about finding that special drinking partner in your life.

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It’s clear from the lyrics that he’s not necessarily looking for a love connection here; instead, it’s all about finding that person in your life that can match — if not exceed — your alcohol tolerance, as well as your knowledge of said alcohol.

A sort of admiration permeates the track from T-Pain’s part. “It’s like we’re the same person / We drinkin’ even if we ain’t thirsty,” he croons about the lady who’s become his best bar mate. Toss in there a little “oh, here she comes” set to the melody of Hall and Oates’ “Maneater” for good measure, of course.

“Drankin Patna” precedes the release of Stoicville: The Phoenix, T-Pain’s fifth studio album. The record does not have a release date just yet but is rumored to be out sometime this year. The first single, “Up Down (Do This All Day),” was released last August.



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