New Species of Wasp Named After Shakira

By Kevin Rutherford

A new species of wasp has been named — and its hips, as it were, don’t lie.

Aleiodes shakirae, a new type of parasitic wasp, has been named for none other than Shakira, GMA reports. The insect gains its name from its effect on the caterpillar that acts as its host; its influence causes the caterpillar to twist and wriggle akin to the Latin pop star before it dies.

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The wasp is one of 24 new species of the insect recently discovered in the Andes mountains of Ecuador. Aleiodes wasps are known for injecting their eggs into caterpillars, which eventually die, their bodies effectively becoming mummified as vessels for the larva. Aleiodes shakirae are fairly small at a mere four to nine millimeters long.

It isn’t the first such wasp from this family to be named for a famous person, either; researchers appear to have some sort of hive mind when naming them. There’s the aleiodes gaga, found in Asia, that takes its name from Lady Gaga, while Ellen DeGeneres, Robert Frost, Stephen Colbert and more also have aleiodes species that (sort of) bear their name.

In non-wasp news, Shakira is still promoting her new self-titled album, which hit stores last March. The new single, “Dare (La La La),” got its own music video last week.


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