Dierks Bentley Gets ‘Drunk On a Plane’ in New Funny or Die Video

By Annie Reuter

Dierks Bentley brings his current single “Drunk On a Plane” to life in a new video on Funny or Die. Complete with kegs and flight size bottles of Kentucky Whiskey, Bentley proves he knows exactly how to have fun.

“Drunk On a Plane” was directed by Wes Edwards and filmed at Air Hollywood in Los Angeles. The video includes comedians, actors, band members and Bentley’s friends.

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“We added some of this footage to the screens for tour, and I have a hard time not turning my back to the crowd to watch it myself… so many hilarious moments,” Bentley said in a press release. “There are a few subplots working underneath the main story that totally crack me up… if you watch it a couple times, you start to pick up on more funny details. Wes did an incredible job…again!”

When the partying gets too extreme and both pilots pass out, it’s up to Bentley to save the day. Does he steady the plane for a safe landing or does the mile high party crash? You’ll just have to watch to find out.

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In an interview with Radio.com earlier this year, Bentley described “Drunk On a Plane” as “just a funny song about a dude that got stood up at the wedding, still had his tickets to Cancun, couldn’t get his money back, so he gets drunk on a plane. It’ll be a fun video to make on that one for sure.”


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