Watch Pharrell & Jimmy Kimmel Battle in a Selfie Throwdown

By Annie Reuter

We all know what a selfie is, but do you know what a twofie is?

It’s essentially a selfie but with another person, hence “two”-fie. On last night’s (May 7) episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Kimmel and guest Pharrell Williams competed against each other to see who could get the most twofies in 30 seconds.

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Both Pharrell and Kimmel hit Hollywood Blvd. to battle it out. Kimmel ran around shouting “selfie” to pedestrians along the boulevard as he quickly snapped photos on his phone while Pharrell took a much smoother approach. Watch below.

 While Kimmel was off to the races, Pharrell took a leisurely pace as a crowd of fans formed around him. Rather than running through the streets, he simply turned his body throughout the circle to take photos with each girl surrounding him.

So, who won the twofie shootout? The photos that were eligible had to have both faces in the photo. Kimmel amassed 10 perfect twofies while incredulously, Pharrell garnered only six. Feeling defeated, Pharrell wasn’t sure how he lost the battle.

“You know what, you were too cool. Next time you have to be frenetic and anxious just like I am,” Kimmel joked.

“I think I win your hat.”

The singer later performed on the show as well, repping his new U.S. single, “Come Get It Bae.”


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