Listen to Courtney Love’s New Single ‘Wedding Day’

By Brian Ives 

“I will rise again and again!”

Courtney Love roars that line towards the end of her new song, “Wedding Day.” And she’s right: whether she’s releasing music as Hole, under her own name, or starring in her “Love On Love” web series where she offers her opinion on anything from the Kardashians to Joan Rivers, she’s never out of the public eye for long.

“Wedding Day” is the second song of the double-A sided single that she premiered last week, “You Know My Name.”

The three-minute track starts with a ’70s punk guitar line reminiscent of the Dead Boys’ “Sonic Reducer.”

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“I’ve left this bed, black and bloody,” she sings at the beginning of the song, sounding kind of calm. Of course, within seconds she’s unleashing the Love-ian fury, sounding as fearsome as she did on Hole‘s 1994 classic Live Through This, taunting, “Do you think you can understand? What it takes to be a man?” But before any potential suitor would have the opportunity to answer that question, she bellows, “Get out! Get out! Get out of my bed!”

Both of Love’s new songs will be available on iTunes on May 4, according to a recent Facebook post.


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