Eric Church Talks Ticket Scalpers: ‘I Hate ‘Em’

By Annie Reuter

Eric Church has taken a stand against ticket scalpers. After nearly 1,000 of his concert tickets were purchased by scalpers, he canceled those tickets and made them available for resale to fans.

In an interview with K-FROG 95.1 and 92.9 ( stations) this weekend at Stagecoach Music Festival, Church opened up about his decision to cancel the 902 tickets from the scalpers.

“I hate that. I hate ’em,” he said. “We put these parameters in place. We do everything we can to make it hard on them. If it was an even playing field I wouldn’t be as passionate as I am. But it’s not. They have companies. They’ve got 100 of these bots that are always probing.”

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He added: “The way they succeed is just unfair. There’s only so much you can do.”

Church and his team took back the tickets that were scalped from a venue in Minneapolis which were being sold for $800-900.

“We decided heck with it, we’ll just cancel ’em. We’ve taken them back and put them back in the on sale,” he said. “It’s one of the flaws right now with the music industry. There are a number of them, but that’s one that we should fix.”


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