Watch Damon Albarn Bellow ‘Parklife’ in a Rowdy English Pub

Your Saturday night karaoke sessions got nothing on this.

By Kevin Rutherford

It’s a well-documented fact that sing-alongs get about 100 percent better when you’re a drunken mess in some bar or pub. Apparently, Damon Albarn can relate.

In footage posted to YouTube (via Rolling Stone), the Blur and Gorillaz frontman leads the denizens of The Red Lion in Leytonstone, England, through a woozy rendition of Blur’s “Parklife”.

After receiving a raucous introduction from a dapper-looking gentleman, said dapper gentleman begins clapping his hands along to the beat supplied by the pianist as Albarn, who be on his suit and tie, sways along in front.

It’s admittedly a bit difficult to hear Albarn rhyme on the song’s verses, but all is forgiven in terms of video quality once it hits the sweet chorus, which is about everything you’d expect in terms of a screaming choir of fans, who add their own exclamations of “parklife!” throughout.


The pub appearance comes at an interesting time for Albarn. Today marks the 20th anniversary of the album of the same name, which was one of the most acclaimed Britpop records of the ’90s.

Of course, there’s also¬†Everyday Robots, Albarn’s first solo album, which hit stores next week.


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