Interview: Joey Bada$$ Stays Focused and ‘Swerves With the Snakes’

By Courtney E. Smith

What do you expect from a 19 year-old-rapper? Joey Bada$$ thinks you should expect more. He’s already trying to give it to you, by upping his game from one of the important new names to know in the hip hop world to inspiration.

“I truly believe the type of music people listen to effects their moods, effects their lives on the daily. I want to make the type of songs that make people actually think about something…want to expand and keep going. Inspirational-type music.”

What he doesn’t want is for you to think he’s just a ’90s throwback. Or anyone else to ask him about exactly how he makes a track. But you should know that his words are poetry.

In our video interview, above, he tells us what we can expect from his forthcoming debut album, writing poems and how he hooked up with Disclosure, who he’ll join for the Wild Life Tour stop in Chicago on June 11.


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