Watch Kanye West & Rick Rubin’s Acceptance Video for Tribeca 808s Award

By Kevin Rutherford

Tomorrow at the Tribeca Film Festival’s Disruptive Innovation Awards, Kanye West and Rick Rubin will be given the Roland 808s award for their use of the 808 drum machine in hip-hop– and for an acceptance speech, the duo stars in a video that will be shown at the ceremony and hit the internet today (April 24).

The one-minute, 20-second clip is a hodgepodge of different footage, of the award recipients and otherwise. Created by Mark Romanek, the video features kung-fu flick voiceovers over clips of West and Rubin talking, with subtitles giving thanks for the honor.

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“Kanye and I would like to give thanks on behalf of the Roland TR-808 drum machine,” the subtitle reads over footage of Rubin speaking. “It continues to be responsible for new music some thirty years after its release and discontinuation.”


“Thank you very much,” a similar subtitle over a talking head from West reads.

Craig Hatkoff, chief curator and co-founder of the awards, was thrilled with the video despite the duo’s inability to attend. “This trio raised the bar: disrupted the future for all award shows and the usual deadly, boring acceptance speeches,” he wrote on the awards’ website.

The Roland 808s award, according to Billboard, honors the use of the drum machine. Both Rubin and West have been prominent users of the instrument.

The Tribeca Disruptive Innovation Awards will be held tomorrow (April 25) at the NYU Skirball Center for Performing Arts in New York. It’s part of the Tribeca Film Festival, which runs April 16-27.


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