Deadmau5 Goes Off on Win Butler for Coachella Comments: ‘Arcade Fire Needs to Settle Down’

By Scott T. Sterling

Oh, Deadmau5.

A seemingly innocuous statement made by Arcade Fire frontman Win Butler during the band’s headlining set during the first weekend of Coachella 2014 sent the Mau5-headed EDM producer into quite the Twitter tirade last night (April 23).

Butler’s comment of “shout-out to all the bands still playing actual instruments at this festival” during the show was all it took for Deadmau5 to lash out at the singer and his band:


The “Ghosts N Stuff” producer was just getting warmed up, unleashing a string of tweets on the subject that included a pointed dig directly at Butler’s band, adding the failed hashtag, “#do youevenscorebro?”

For someone who’s been quite critical of his fellow EDM artists, Deadmau5 went on to say that “since some EDM is enjoyable to me, (I’ll) go watch them fake it, and enjoy it more than you hate the fact that they can’t play guitar.”

Butler and Arcade Fire has yet to responds to the comments, but it’s still early in the brewing beef. Given the band’s merry prankster ways on the current Reflektor campaign, anything can happen. Perhaps a fake Deadmau5 to open the band’s next show in lieu of “Paft Dunk”?


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