Tyga Gets Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne for ‘Senile’ Video

By Courtney E. Smith

If you want to explore how creepy hippies, black lights and bucket hats paired with white face masks are, Tyga has the video for you. The L.A. rapper scores solid guest verses, along with appearances, from Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne for a video that takes the thinking behind what Stanley Kubrick does visually and makes it it’s the creepiest hip hop video that’s come out in quite some time.

He puts the trio in visually distressing situations to create a psychological reaction. Tyga leads a troupe of dancers in red bucket hats with blank white masks on creating the effect of creepy Japanese robots. Minaj shows up in a colorful version of the projects with Blood colors and a few people in the background who are either wearing voodoo-inspired make-up or terrorist-looking accoutrement. Wayne is in a normal American home, put through the Honey Boo Boo filter of reality TV. Everyone around him only has to act normal, bordering on drugged out with Prozac or or Adderall, as Wayne pulls faces and becomes the most present person in the shot.

It’s a sharp social critique on top of a sparse West Coast beat, as Tyga asks, “Can you see now?”

The clip was directed by Colin Tilley, who is known for shooting big-budget “in the club” style videos with an Instagram warming filter over them. He’s previously worked with Tyga on “Molly” and “For the Road” and explored a few of the themes seen here in Justin Bieber’s “Confident” and David Guetta’s “One Last Time.”

Watch below.


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