Interview: Black Francis Conceived His First Son at Coachella (And Other Stories Regarding The Pixies)


There are many people who claim they were conceived at Woodstock in 1969. Not to be outdone by feckless hippies, Black Francis says that he conceived his first son at his first Coachella ten years ago. Cherish the thought.

To more pressing matters, Pixies are set to release their first LP in over 23 years called Indie Cindy, and Francis, Joey Santiago and David Lovering sat down to talk with at Coachella about some songs that didn’t make the cut, their new touring bass player Paz Lenchantin, Francis’ porno-graphic novel The Good Inn, and how journalists have been approaching their new material.

“If you don’t accept reality, you will suffer,” says Francis. “We accept that reality. If we didn’t accept that reality, we would be in pain every time we read one of those reviews where people were caught up in the past. We would be suffering. We don’t know if other people accept us for who we are, but we accept other people for who they are, everyone has to have their feelings, that’s fine.”

Pixies play Coachella again this weekend, and Indie Cindy —a compilation of their string of numerically named EPs they’ve released recently—  is out April 29.



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