Watch Sky Ferreira Stay Stylish While Being Arrested in ‘I Blame Myself’ Video

By Shannon Carlin

For her latest video, Sky Ferreira plays a very stylish hoodlum whose luck runs out.

The clip for her single “I Blame Myself”, off her 2013 debut, Night Time, My Time, was a collaboration between SSENSE and System, who put a focus on what Sky’s wearing. Even providing a link to where to where you can buy it.

Styled by Ian Bradley, the clip shows Sky driving around Los Angeles with a gang of guys, all while looking pretty and tough in a secretary shirt covered in lipstick kisses under a black bomber jacket.

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Ferreira is clearly running things, but she makes time for a choreographed dance number — that is, before she gets arrested. But even when she’s being led through jail she looks good, rocking a blinged-out leather jacket. No one blames her for wanting to look good even in the worst of times.

Watch Sky’s new video for “I Blame Myself” here, prior to the video’s wide release on Vevo tomorrow (April 17).

Sky told that the song has gotten good reaction from fans, but when it comes to critics, she felt they were digging too deep to find some hidden meaning behind the song.

“It’s good to think,” she said. “I’m pro-thinking, obviously, but I feel like now, with all these blogs and stuff, every single thing someone does, especially girls in pop music is constantly analyzed. It’s not that complex, you know? Not everything a girl does in pop music is a think piece.”




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