Deadmau5 Test Drives Race Car, Tattoos Logo on Arm

By Jay Tilles

Joel Zimmerman, aka Deadmau5, has gone to visit a possible new toy, a BAC Mono— and to celebrate, tattooed himself with the race car’s logo.

Built by Briggs Automotive Company in Great Britain, the Mono is a $185,000 high-performance, ultra-light, hand-built race car that, surprisingly, is street legal in many countries including the U.S.. Upon arrival, a slide show presentation was made in Zimmerman’s honor. (see below)

The DJ was accompanied by fellow Canadian Josh Cartu, a fellow race car enthusiast, Ferrari pilot and drift team owner. The two were given a tour of BAC’s facility where the cars are designed and built, followed by an invitation to drive one.

Shinoo Mapleton, president of Sector 111, BAC’s U.S. distributor, told he could not confirm if Zimmerman had indeed made a deposit on a vehicle. With many of the company’s clients being celebrities or of great wealth, privacy is very important to the company. Mapleton noted that if someone were to submit a deposit on one of these custom built automobiles, the customer wouldn’t take possession until the end of the year due to the overwhelming demand and very limited production.

Deadmau5 will be participating in his first Gumball Rally this year. If finished in time, it’s likely that he’ll bring his new BAC Mono, said Mahmood Ansari, a friend of racer Josh Cartu. This year’s rally kicks off June 4 in Miami and speeds through Atlanta, New York, Edinburgh, London, Paris and Barcelona, wrapping up in June 12 in Ibiza.

Zimmerman, who took the car out for a test drive today on an undisclosed track in the U.K., fancies himself an “F1 pilot” now.

While still in the city of Chester, Zimmerman commemorated his visit with a brand new tattoo.

Deadmau5 is famous among his fans for his semi-regular Cawffee Run video series where he, like Jerry Seinfeld, take fellow celebrities on car rides while discussing a wide array of topics. Like the comedian, Zimmerman tours fellow artists in an unusual or exotic car, a Ferrari to be exact. And when he isn’t at home to drive his own Nyan Cat-wrapped ride, he rents one. The most recent episode features Zimmerman with Eric Prydz touring Miami during the Ultra Music Festival last month.


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