10 Women Who Should Headline Coachella In 2015

Coachella's got a woman problem. We got the answers.

1. Beyoncé

beyonce1 10 Women Who Should Headline Coachella In 2015(Christopher Polk/Getty Images for Coachella)

Yeah, this is an absolute no-brainer. Bey is the biggest star in the world. Not even the hippest music snob can resist her cross-genre appeal. So why doesn’t she bring her Mrs. Carter World Tour to the California desert so she can show everyone why girls really do run the world. She’s already proven she can handle herself in high pressure situations. I mean, hello, 2013 Super Bowl halftime show, which had Rolling Stone asking, “Why would you ever have a Super Bowl without Beyoncé?” The answer is basically, we shouldn’t. Sorry Bruno Mars. And she hasn’t done much on the festival scene, besides headlining her hubby Jay Z’s Made in America festival in 2013. Seriously, this is a ***Flawless choice. We’re so confident she’ll get the call, we already started making our “SURFBORT” signs.

2. Kate Bush

3281809 10 Women Who Should Headline Coachella In 2015Kate Bush in 1978. (Evening Standard/Getty Images)

Kate Bush just booked her first tour in 35 years, with a 15-date residency in London. The tickets sold out in 15 minutes. And while we’re all happy to see she’s playing shows again, what we really need to do is to get her over to the States. It would be the first time she’s ever played in America, barring an appearance on Saturday Night Live in 1978. And what better place is there for her to make her American debut than at Coachella? We’ll even start a Kickstarter to help foot the bill. That how much we want to hear her sing anything off Hounds of Love.

3. Lana del Rey

484695163 10 Women Who Should Headline Coachella In 2015(Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Coachella)

With her disastrous 2012 SNL performance behind her—like way, way behind her—Lana has proven her fans will go anywhere to see her perform. With her new album, Ultraviolence, set to drop sometime this year, the festival could help solidify Lana as one of the biggest female artists in the game right now. Don’t think she could headline the main Coachella stage? Put her in the Outdoor Theatre again. But know, you’re gonna have some angry people on your hands when its filled to capacity and they can’t see their favorite songstress. We’re talking about some very real summertime sadness here.

4. Fleetwood Mac

87946637 10 Women Who Should Headline Coachella In 2015(Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Yes, there are more men than women in Fleetwood Mac. But if you don’t think Stevie Nicks is the star of the show, you’re crazy. With them reuniting with Christine McVie for an upcoming U.S. tour, what would be the harm of tacking on a few additional dates to play a weekend at Coachella? I mean this is the band’s chance to play their hits for all those twenty-somethings who’ve just discovered Rumours. Maybe those youngsters can even chaperone their parents who just want to see Nicks stare Lindsey Buckingham down during “Silver Springs” one more time.

5. Robyn

108853350 10 Women Who Should Headline Coachella In 2015(Mike Coppola/Getty Images)

Robyn is Coachella’s kind of pop star, you know, the kind that no one feels guilty about liking even though she’s toured with Katy Perry because on the flip side of things she helped soundtrack one of the best musical moments on TV with “Dancing On My Own” being used on Girls. Her headlining gig–she previously played in 2011–would be loud, vibrant and include a lot of dancing in platform sneakers. Which, at this point, the fest is certainly lacking. Will she have an album out in time? Does it even matter? She’s Robyn and she’ll make sure no one is dancing alone on whatever night she takes the stage.

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