Watch Keith Urban Give a Tour of His ‘Idol’ Trailer

By Annie Reuter

Have you wondered what things look like for Keith Urban behind-the-scenes of American Idol? The country singer decided it was time to give fans a tour of his backstage amenities in a new video called Idol Chatter Episode 1. Watch it below.

“Hey everyone, Keith here,” the Idol judge and ACM Award winner says, before deciding to do a retake. “Well, they know it’s me,” he reasons.

Idol just wrapped rehearsal, and Urban was eager to show where he hangs out when not on the set. He heads back to where all the trailers are parked. Nearly all are big and luxurious, and then he heads to his, which is … a U-Haul.

“For some reason there was some communication mix-up,” he says as he gets in the back of the U-Haul. Inside we see a folding chair and some T-shirts hanging in a makeshift closet. Urban also shows off his “boom box” — which is simply his iPhone placed in a red Solo cup.

“It’s cool. I’m not upset at the guys. I’ve got everything I need. I’ve got my guitars, I can play a little. All the clothes, I have to sort out what I’m going to wear tonight.”

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Hungry? He’s got that covered, too, in the form of bananas and a half-eaten clementine from Harry Connick, Jr.

“I’ve got my ‘Keep Austin Weird’ mug that I got in Seattle. Left backstage by some guy that must have been from Texas,” he deadpans.

Watch Urban’s Idol Chatter Episode 1 below.


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