Watch Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy Guest on ‘Parks and Recreation’

By Kevin Rutherford

The long-teased series of Parks and Recreation episodes on which a flurry of musicians are set to appear is finally coming to fruition.

Jeff Tweedy, longtime frontman of Wilco, appeared on the NBC comedy last night, Stereogum reports. Tweedy plays the former frontman of Land Ho, a popular local Pawnee, Ind., band that is no longer together.

As Scott Tanner, Tweedy portrays the frontman of the band Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) and co. would most like to get for the upcoming Pawnee-Eagleton Unity Concert. Knope and Andy (Chris Pratt) attempt to convince Tanner to get the band back together for the big concert, but he’s not exactly feeling the proposition.

The show’s season finale is slated to feature Tweedy yet again, in addition to Yo La Tengo, the Decemberists and Donna’s cousin Ginuwine, as well as Letters to Cleo, the Boston alt-rock act that Ben (Adam Scott) idolizes.

The finale is scheduled for April 24.


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