Style Files: Zendaya Advises You To Go Bold Or Go Home

By Courtney E. Smith

She started with the Disney Channel and now Zendaya is here – and by here we mean making a huge splash on the fashion scene.

It’s a long distance to go from singing songs on Shake It Up! and being a contestant on Dancing with the Stars to earning an invite to shows for DKNY and Rebecca Minkoff at New York’s 2014 Fall Fashion Week. But Zendaya’s interest in high fashion has made her one of the few who can check all those boxes off.

The secret to her success is going bold. From her keen eye for emerging designers to her endorsements of nail art replacing conventional jewelry, Zendaya is nothing if not smart about creating an eye-catching canvas.

“If you have the right amount of confidence, you can rock whatever you want,” Zendaya said. “You can rock a dang trash bag and make it as fashionable as you’d like, as long as you have the confidence to carry it.”

We spoke with the Teen Icon Award winner about her relationship to her personal stylist, how she would happily be the face of Chanel (a girl can dream) and what the hardest part of critiquing the young designers on Under the Gunn was.

Watch Zendaya in’s Style Files above.


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