Ed Sheeran Instagrams His New Album Tracklist

"X" will be released June 23

By Courtney E. Smith

Wanna know what’s on Ed Sheeran’s forthcoming album X? Good news! It’s been Instagrammed.

Taken straight from the audio board, the first thing any discerning Sheeran fan should note is that there are a lot of one-word tracks here. Starting with “One” and all the way down to “Runaway” the first nine tracks are sparse on words (and the first five, including the newly-released single “Sing,” are sparse on syllables too — they’ve all got only one). Sheeran gets all the way up to two words for “The Man” and “AFire Love”and maxes out at three with “Thinking Out Loud.”

Check out the full track list pic below.

Sheeran followed the revealing pic below with a tweet announcing the deluxe version of the album will include four additional tracks: “Take It Back,” “Even My Dad Does Sometimes,” “Shirtsleeves” and “I See Fire.”

X (or multiply, if you insist on saying the title out loud) hits stores on June 23.



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